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Lass uns deine Liebesgeschichte neu schreiben!

Ich freue mich darauf, dir den Weg in deine Wunschbeziehung zu zeigen.

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Das sagen meine Kundinnen

I had an amazing coaching session with Mila who asked me some powerful questions to help me figure out what I really want for my love relationship. I could understand how my behaviors did not really match my real needs. I left the session full of hope and with concrete actions to take! Mila is a very good listener and I felt heard and seen. Thank you for your precious advice!

– Sabrina

To give a bit of context, when I met Mila, I was recently single, quite unhappy with how things ended with my last relationship, and I had a bit of trouble to move on and be hopeful for what’s next in my romantic life. I’m still amazed about how many topics we tackled with Mila in our first session. In a bit more than one hour, I got so much valuable feedback and advice! We went through my patterns and so many great reminders like key notions of a healthy relationship, how it’s supposed to go, make you feel, all of the questions you should ask yourself when you start dating someone new, how to deal with dating apps… The session was packed with dating wisdom and it gave me inner peace and confidence. A few days after, I got a date and got to put all these tips to good use, I paid attention to signs I would have otherwise ignored, so useful! I particularly enjoyed Mila’s expertise but also the fact that she shared a lot of personal and highly relatable stories. As a nice plus, she also has a great personality, keeping things sharp and witty and at the same time fun and light. I never thoughts I would see nor recommend a dating coach but here I am!

– Sandrine

Das Coaching mit Mila hat mir einen super Raum gegeben mein Datingverhalten zu reflektieren und mir darüber klar zu werden, welche Art von Beziehung und Partner ich gerade suche. Mila hat mir außerdem hilfreiche Tipps zur Gestaltung meines Datingprofils gegeben. Ich kann das Coaching sehr empfehlen, um Denkanstöße und neue Ansätze in Sachen eigenes Datingverhalten zu bekommen.

– Laura

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